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The Climate Group released low-carbon urban development report s

's low-carbon urban development, "All roads lead to Rome" Climate Organization urban low-carbon development report released (December 6, 2010, in Cancun, Mexico), the international non-governmental organizations - The Climate Group Climate Leaders Summit Day on the official release of the third clean energy report - "China Clean Revolution Report III: Urban. The report is the second report after two "clean revolution" of 2008, 2009, Climate Organization issued a city low-carbon development a comprehensive report of the theme. Interview and discussion of the report by the large number of experts and industry insiders, analyzes power from low-carbon development in Chinese cities,abercrombie paris, the foundation for the development path, the key development areas, as well as the challenges to the authority of the angle of the third party objective observation and analysis of the local Chinese province City low-carbon development path try its process. At the same time, the report also draws on international experience in the development of low-carbon city, suggestions and China city next step of low-carbon development. The report shows that the negotiations and actions of the internal drive urban climate security, responsibility for emissions reductions, economic transformation, and the international community to address climate change, the domestic government recognition of the concept of low-carbon economy,mulberry, the promotion of low-carbon solutions enterprises and academic institutions " low-carbon city project "practice external factors, voluntary originator start from the beginning of 2008, some local cities, Chinese cities have chosen a low-carbon development, starting from the foundation of the city itself and advantages a different path try and thinking. In this process, the city of the originator of the "carbon benefits from the low-carbon industry Baoding, Texas, Nanchang; Hangzhou, Chengdu, Wuxi city integration of low-carbon development planning; Xiamen focus on urban space low carbon planning; thinking of the city Tianjin represented a comprehensive response to climate change. Nevertheless, the report says, the road of the city's low-carbon development in China is still in the preliminary stage. Low-carbon urban development in China is still faced with the following challenges: data base is weak, so that the city can not accurately grasp the distribution of carbon emissions and the trend. Data base is weak become urban primary technical barriers to low-carbon planning, the National Development and Reform Commission requested the pilot cities establish reasons of greenhouse gas emissions statistics and management system,abercrombie. The high-speed urbanization and old urban planning the carbon locked, so that urban stock and incremental low-carbon parallel. Chinese cities are generally facing the reality of rapid urbanization, plus the old urban planning the carbon locked, urban planning beyond mere spatial planning, and give full consideration to the factors of carbon in the field of transportation, construction, urban forest and agriculture, urban area development , urban planning, innovation is imperative. Institutional barriers and policy integration. Institutional barriers and policy integration has been the problems faced by the various policy areas, the city's low-carbon development is a comprehensive problem, its higher demands on policy integration and inter-departmental coordination. The city manager's knowledge and experience to be improved. The city managers of awareness and knowledge of the low-carbon accumulation and management capabilities, and so needs to be improved in order to develop more effective and possible low-carbon urban development programs and strategies to cope with various challenges. At the same time, the reports are represented by the London, Chicago,polo ralph lauren, Melbourne, Stockholm, Berlin, Seattle, New York, Seoul international city, through the analysis and presentation of these urban low-carbon development roadmap,air jordan, vision, goals, combined with the low-carbon development status of Chinese cities recommendations for the city's low-carbon development in China in the future. Start from greenhouse gas emission control, establish clear goals. On low-carbon development planning, international city first starting from the preparation of urban greenhouse gas emissions inventory,air jordan, setting emission reduction targets, the development of sub-reduction program in the field, the formation of the Climate Change Action Plan. Chinese cities have begun to forecast from the city's carbon emissions thoroughly and scenarios as a basis for setting future low-carbon development goals. The industrial development of low-carbon development and competitive combination. Economic development system in line with international trends, economic patterns change in industrial cities, the development of a forward-looking service industry, and build a competitive city for the future development direction. Explore the enforcement mechanisms and low-carbon investment and financing mechanism innovation. International cities, especially in the implementation of mechanisms innovation worth Chinese cities learn these innovations include establish specialized agencies set and sectoral coordination mechanisms, and integration with other policies, especially climate adaptation, mitigation and integration of green growth policies, as well as with relevant interest groups extensive cooperation. Investment and financing in low-carbon industries, international city to set up a mechanism to take full advantage of subsidies,sac longchamp, to fight for more social capital is worth Chinese cities learn from electrical contracts, municipal bonds and other long-term purchase. Actively participate in international and domestic low-carbon cooperation,louboutin. In the era of economic globalization, climate change and low-carbon development, international cooperation is essential to international cities involved in many international low-carbon networks and platforms, to share experiences and get support intellectual or financial resources. Chinese cities need to focus on low-carbon development action planning and implementation, turned to look at the city group in the region, and even international urban agglomerations, share experiences,abercrombie france, play to join forces. "I often use the 'All roads lead to Rome' to describe today's local government to explore the case of low-carbon development path we have identified a common low-carbon,toms shoes, green future, but how to reach their destination, still dependent on each city based on their own objective conditions,ralph lauren, technology and resource endowments to personally practice and exploration. "said Miss Wu Changhua, Greater China president of the Climate Group,oakley, Climate Organization this year,hollister," China's Clean Revolution "report to focus the city's low-carbon development, and hope to be able to objectively record analysis to explore and experience of Chinese cities in low-carbon development in the past two years, hoping to inspire and stimulate more cities to choose low carbon development path. "the release of this report, the United Nations Climate Conference (referred to as the COP16) part of the "China Day" series of activities. "China Day" activities "low-carbon development in action" as its theme, will "low-carbon city development path: planning and practice", "low-carbon practices and experience" of Chinese enterprises, "low-carbon China: China the topic of environmental NGO's perspective and Practice ", by documentary practice show, the report analyzes the sub-forum discussions, case sharing, etc., layers of interpretation of China's low-carbon development.

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