Box Chair

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At first I thought this design would suit young gamers who could pack up their gaming equipment in short order,(plenty of storage for console, controllers, software and other misc items) but I received feedback that indicated that this kind of concealable seating may have a much broader appeal. This is true for the older gamers who would rather keep their electronic hobby on the down-low. The chair is concealed within a 20" cube that can be fashioned to act as a side table, coffee table, or ottoman. The upholstered seat sits 11" off the floor and the high back hinges into position when the box is opened. The upholstered arms open to reveal CD storage and there is a large storage compartment under the seat that is accessed from the side of the box.(lockable for dorm environments) I also placed an amp, 2 speakers and a subwoofer with a IPOD dock and the fidelity is great. Patent Pending

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