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CoatStack was developed to utilize CNC lathing and reclaimed materials. Sections are machined from simple lathe patterns using locally available new materials or readily available scrap (including construction lumber, plastics, and metals). To optimize the material usage, multiple sections lengths are available.
The hanging brackets are laser cut sheet metal and can be positioned at various heights, angles and degrees. The brackets allow garments to be hung directly or on a hanger.
Other modules including a pocket item tray (shown) or decorative lathed sections can be formed and added. Customization is based on available material, additional modules, and hanger configurations.

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16" square cork wall tiles

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Prototype Vase

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Designed using a 3D modeling program and manufactured using a laser cutter, the "Prototype Vase" is intended to artificially mimic the natural environment of a flower. Another viable means of manufacturing could be SLA rapid prototyping. Designed in conjunction with architect Matt Cavanaugh

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hook up. hangers.

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Does your little black dress always fall off the hanger and into the dirty laundry bin? Do you forget that you own those scarves that are crumpled in the back of your dresser drawer? These whimsical hangers can’t promise to solve all of your life hang ups, but they quickly diffuse garment troubles. They hook on a peg Shaker-style and nest on cut sheets to maximize the material; they can be made of wood but are most festive when cut out of translucent 3/4” 3-form eco-resin or a similar material. Colors can be chosen to coordinate with your threads or to organize your apparel by category, and, if you wish, the hangers can be created with a hook on top to go into your closet. Of course, if these hangers do the trick for my fashion staples but not for yours, we can design some that work for the stubborn items in YOUR wardrobe.

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wall vace

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The wall mounted flower vase is CNC milled, bent then painted.
The acrylic dome for holding the stems and water is vacuum formed from a turned mold.

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